Sunday, November 28, 2010


Some days just the smallest of influences can shift a somewhat otherwise emotionally stunted day, or can potentially derail the ever so slightly unpleasant emotional path that trails behind a number of passing weeks. Maybe the serenity found in a melody, or the beauty in a photo, from the wise words of another, or from the kind smile accompanying a neighbourly interaction. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon all of the above on this day that began with a blue sky suffocated by a dull covering of overcast. And with perfect timing, within half an hour of my gloriously awakening chain of delightfulness, the clouds cleared entirely to reveal an abundance of bright and blue.

I'm pleasantly relieved to have rediscovered my general enthusiasm from which I was temporarily separated from; to have fueled the fire in my belly, and to have reemerged from the shade and back into the about-to-begin summer months that sit before me. Although far less often now, the lingering regret of passed loses still has its occasional way with me. But I find pleasant reward in clearing out dusty corners, even though those little spider webs always seem to find there way back. Yet with clarity and calmness I saw today looking out upon the edge of my own dustless and web-less little wonderland, as opposed to peering out from behind it. I thank today's series of small serendipities, for reinstilling hope into my dreams, however unattainable they sometimes seem; and for reminding me of my love of clouds.

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  1. Beautiful photograph and words to match, reading your blog always puts a smile on my face!