Wednesday, December 8, 2010

beneath the leaves of trees

For as long as I can remember there's been something significant in my life about trees. Moments as a child spent in awe of the magnificence of those that stretched so far they touched the sky; or exploring far away worlds amongst tangled branches with my kid sister.

Looking for shelter from the sun beneath their leaves, or in seeking refuge from the rain. Even my first proper job as a teenager fresh out of school was spent nuzzled between the branches of apple trees picking their fruit whilst the summer sun beat down upon my shoulders, before even a thought of this life I now live began.

I've coloured many a blank canvas with the trees that have stemmed from my imagination; And I've sat with the company of the evening watching till the last slither of sun passes behind the silhouette of sun-blackened brunches, while the wild flowers in our wild field dance with joy in the suns brilliance.

With my favourite friend awaiting patiently for his summer holidays to arrive, I hope that with the many hours ahead to be spent blown along by the afternoon breeze; those same magical places that I explored at six may once again be discovered beneath the leaves of trees... or climbing high in their branches..

... or deeper in the woods we just recently discovered.

I have a feeling there might be some memorable adventuring just around that mysterious little corner... Especially with a young fellow such as this.


  1. Great pictures & a nice young fellow. Ha, ha I just climbed in to one of those huge old friendly trees in the park tonight & I thought while I was perched there in the branches "we must bring a nice little chap & his cousin to play in here soon" : )

  2. When I was little I would sit in the apple tree at the bottom of our suburban garden. It was a magical place where I could talk to the fairies and dream of far away places, with hills to roll down, long grass to run through and streams to throw stones in.

    These are the things I look forward to sharing with my girls these holidays.

    Sounds like you'll have wonderful adventures together.