Friday, November 19, 2010

From here to there and back again..

I've never particularly enjoyed disappointment, and although I've had rather a handful over my young life to negotiate; which I assume has taught me how better to accept it, I don't think I'll ever come to like it much. Although, in hindsight, and generally only in hindsight, over the past few years I have however learned to take stock of such disappointments, step back, and view them in perspective to allow myself to find what it is I'm able to learn from such undesirable experiences. Although I can't help, as is human, to feel a little discouraged at times by disappointment. For instance, after several years of growing a topiary bay tree and finding over the past few years in the space of a few short days all the fresh new growth destroyed by spring winds; this year has just taken off. No your right that's not disappointing, in fact on the contrary I was rather chuffed that it was finally looking lovely, lush and green, until yesterday I found a nasty little bird tearing chunks out of it. I wasn't impressed, especially as he lives in the comfort of my roof, and I haven't yet evicted him from doing so.... Or alternatively, after I had finally found the courage to ask a young lady out for coffee, I discovered via a rather sincere apology later that day that the wee crush I had developed was able only to exist as a crush, as she unfortunately was already spoken for. Although, I now think I would have preferred to not have asked her name first, as such a face may possibly be easier to forget when it is simple only a face once admired.

So, over the past few days whilst I've continued to journey further into the interesting realms of my Sociology paper, I've also been searching for what it is exactly that I am to learn from these current disappointments. Although, for now I'll just pop my heart back into the safety and quite of it's little hiding spot from which it had recently emerged, until such a time that it is properly needed. However, after a few days now having passed, occupied by marvelous coffee; the continual concoction of my organic sourdough; and an always enjoyable young chap, time has fortunately very much softened the blow.

On the other unrelated hand, after a year consumed by very structured university forms of thinking, I found simple creative enthusiasm to sew again. I made some alterations to a few shirts, sewed different buttons on things, and then considered indecisively about which recycled fabrics would best suit the soon to be newest addition to our household.

Yet which ever array of colours he ends up sporting, he'll (or more likely she'll) definitely look the part perched alongside our other hand sewn housemates.

- Woozle -

& - Mr Fox -

Who have both become quite accustomed to our interesting, earthy, and upcycled ways of living; as is certainly how they came into existence.


  1. I am sorry that your coffee date didn't get a chance to evolve, however at least you now know and the agony of uncertainty is over.

    Life is full of disappointments, but there is always something wonderful around the corner. Just look at the little friends you've created, they are marvelous.

  2. Love the house mates too & am green with envy over your fab strawberries. Sounds like a bit of fish might set the world to rights. Keep your eyes peeled for wonderful just around the corner : )