Sunday, May 1, 2011


Childhood for many of us is an accumulation of old memories; sights, sounds, songs, smells, feelings, words, people, places. Some of which are great, others often wished forgotten. And for others of us, say Peter Pan for instance.. childhood is a way to live life, a way to grasp tightly in your hand the joy that a light-hearted childhood brings. Regardless that we might age, find ourselves with responsibilities, our humour and taste in music, food and fashion may have changed, we can still approach everyday of life simply and honestly and enjoy every moment of it. There's so much to be learned from children, to be reminded of what life is like when simplicity is reinstated, and when you do you'll find that everything about your existence is more enjoyable... it's helpful to also let go of the old baggage and instead use the wisdom gained from experience to iron out the emotional kinks, rather than let them become you. For a child time matters only because they want so desperately to learn how to read a clock, or because if they can wait just ten more minutes then they'll be able to ride their bike down to the beach. Money is shiny, if you have more than one coin it sounds great jingling in your pocket, and adults seem to talk about it far too much. But it's also what you need to buy ice cream (or vegetables from the market - as my little man might say)... Friends are those who will join in on your game, or search for bugs with you in the grass, if you fall out give it five minutes.. or tomorrow is another day and forgiveness is almost as inevitable as eating lunch. 

I have fathered a child since I only just ceased being a child myself. On one hand that aided me to grow up and find the maturity I needed to find to enable me to take on board what it was that was right in front of me. On the other hand it meant that I still found enjoyment in simply the experience of life, which although seemed to have already been a part of my character, is now consciously my way of life. Side by side I live with this kid who is just so incredibly genuine, kind, passionate, and eager to learn. When I stopped to really take a good look I saw that children in general have these characteristics in them, but it is we as adults, the people who are responsibly for shaping and teaching our children, with all of our learned complexities, all our hurts that we won't let go of, all of our daily stresses and worries, that burden our children with our insecurities and they become the issues that define them.... 

So after the first year and half of studying toward a social work degree and feeling more and more confident in knowing my passion is to work with people, it had started becoming clear that I wanted to work particularly with children and young people. As time passed and my passion grew, as I learned more about myself, more about this world that further defines my character and ambitions, I stumbled quite purposefully upon my life changing realisation..
I'm going to be a primary school teacher.
It was an epiphany really, like every one of my childhood memories laid the path behind me that led to this point, and whats more it enlightened me with a trust in myself, in that as I live this life I will continue to find ways to live it as simply as I can. I choose to lay all of my worries out on the table, all of my past pains, my emotional vulnerabilities, my unfavourable characteristics, and I will continue to face them, break them down and let them go. And funnily enough, ever since I came to this realisation just a few weeks ago I've found myself surrounded by children...

I love school holidays, which is handy seeing as I'd still get them being a school teacher, and these latest holidays have been no exception. We have found plenty of great things to do... five enthusiastic children (myself included) spent one morning adventuring through the beautiful big Te Papa Museum in Wellington city, and then the afternoon at the Zoo with a family-pass my little man had won himself coming first place in a colouring-in-competition last spring. Despite cloudy, windy, slightly damp and rather cold weather we all had a marvelous day, the animals were all on their best behaviour, there were very few other people to contend with and we spoke to many a Zoo keeper on our journey.

We then had an additional seven year old who I've known since he was a week old come and stay for a few days, and it turned out more than excitingly.

To Happy Days - Every single one of them.
With Love,
Peter Pan.