Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down the garden path...

I've recently come to recognise that a rather intimate encounter I had with mother nature herself a few weeks ago whilst on holiday, was not so much a highly urging encouragement to run off by myself into the wild and explore as I had initially felt, as appealing as that idea sounds; but more so as a reminder of the simplicity on which my existence thrives. So with this new realisation, my young chap and I reacquainted ourselves with a number of familiar pathways we had previously befriended, as well as discovering a couple more to wonder and explore over the past week as we wound down from the summer school holidays and again prepared for his returned to school for another year.

It was especially enjoyable to re-walk amongst the trees we had once from simple beginnings spent many hours exploring when he was able only to carry his little legs a few steps at a time; and there's still something extremely peaceful and healing about this one particular path that first meanders along beneath a full canopy, and then upwards.. into the sky.

It was also helpful that this very purposeful encounter I had with nature had occurred amid the first season my grand intentions of growing organic vegetables had really materialised into something productive. So the last few months of last year that I had spent strategically digging numerous large holes in the front lawn, had had a greater purpose than simply the act of growing my own vegetables. It was the preparations for something bigger... or maybe something more devinely simplistic; the beginning of finding a natural balance between myself and the earth beneath and all around us.

Coincidentally, the effort and enthusiasm that began this project some weeks ago, that transformed my bare lawn into the garden it has become, has also started to evolve, and change, and grow... as have the plants in my garden, and, the fruits of their being..

And having spent the last few days picking form my garden the food that has fed and nourished the minds and bodies of my young lad and I, I'm really beginning to feel that swelling of a deeper enthusiasm, and the motivation to dig another large hole in my lawn...

But maybe I'll leave that till tomorrow, until I've finished enjoying the beauty in the offerings of today.



  1. Oh look at those yummy vegetables. You are obviously having better vege growing weather than we are at the moment.

  2. Wow what a fabulous photo in the cooling & beautiful. Love the flow of pictures as you scroll right down the page. Great tomatoes too. Sweet Mary's tomato chilli jam recipe might be of interest
    Much love xoxox