Friday, October 15, 2010

Day by Day

 There's something a little more interesting about starting a day with porridge.

Then by the end of the day it feels remarkable to look at the several past hours accomplishments and feel thoroughly rewarded by your own productivity. To be honest I don't think it has anything to do with the porridge, because my home baked sourdough, toasted and smothered with the best organic butter and my delicately concocted marmalade does itself proud all the same. But this papa bear does like his porridge, as does his baby bear.
Maybe its the general optimism which by virtue one can then see all aspects of life through lovely rosy coloured glasses, despite the trials and tribulations that more often than not are always lingering about somewhere anyway. 

Today we lived, like every other day that we do, simply because we enjoy all of the little things. The dreamy pause that comes when you catch the sweet scent of wild flowers on the breeze; or my glorious discovery of vintage spools of hand-spun wool for less than a dollar each at an op-shop this morning; or the look on the faces of friends when they bite into the first mouthful of excitement from a meal cooked with friendships passion. Sometimes I wish I could see my own face as it lights up with overwhelming pride and enthusiasm when I occasionally cook for just one; a private accomplishment. But tomorrow I get to cook for a couple who have become marvelous friends over this past year, and with that passion I look forward to viewing their food face expressions of appreciation.
Oh how food makes life more colourful, more aromatic, and of course more flavoursome, but it simply adds character and potential to an otherwise potential drab journey. Please don't get me wrong, life in itself is marvelous, but take away all of the flavours in the world and life would represent more of a dull rainbow in several shades of fading grey. So tomorrow Leonard, my little kitchen hand and I, intend to share with our friends all of our favourite spring colours in all of the shades that our garden and Saturday morning farmers market can encourage.

However, first we have a date.....


  1. "Sometimes I wish I could see my own face as it lights up with overwhelming pride and enthusiasm when I occasionally cook for just one; a private accomplishment" ......if this were a facebook status, I would 'like' this!!! Such a nice phrase, thank you for sharing your finds

  2. well...i have just stumbled upon your words of wisdom...& i have to say that is one lucky little man there....
    what a life you are leading...the two of you....

    we have not yet conquered sour dough but we bake a mean loaf of bread here in the wilds of the english countryside....

    love those spools....


  3. Love your find!
    How was the fair? I spy the words 'Heritage Linen' on Leonard's flyer there!!

  4. Craving for porridge now-I remember I started a craze when I was in army cadets of chucking a tube of smarties in it-went rainbow swirly with melted choccie chunks, little less healthy but you needed the calories camping outdoors in UK!

  5. Nice to see a male on these blog sites and love the sentiment on your life and food.
    Beverley (UK)

  6. Thanks for sharing, love those spools

  7. I love your photos! Do you use polaroid? Found you via herlibraryadventures :)

  8. Hello, found your blog via Her Library Adventures.

    The spools of wool you found are lovely, I love the colours.

    I have to say your blog is delightful, I am now a follower and look forward to reading further posts, especially how the fete went.

    Oh and Leonard is adorable.